How to Become a Sponsor

How to Become a Sponsor

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Private sponsorship of a specific program is considered a group activity.

Private sponsors make a humanitarian commitment of their personal time, energy, and often their money to assist an individual or a family in need of resettlement.

Volunteering to assist individuals, families and groups is a humanitarian commitment and a way of responding to the injustices in the world.

Within the private sponsorship of inner healing support Africa program, there are three different ways to form a sponsoring group:

  1. Sponsorship Agreement Holders
  2. Community Sponsors
  3. Groups of Five.

What is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder?

Sponsorship Agreement Holder’s are established organizations that have signed an agreement with our organization. Groups who sponsor are referred to as Constituent Groups.

In many cases, individuals can also partner with an organization or a Co-Sponsor

What is a Community Sponsor?

A Community Sponsor can be any organization, association or corporation, which is based in the community where the support program are expected to take place.

What is a Group of Five?

A Group of Five is a group of five or more individuals or permanent residents over 18 years of age.

Group of Five are usually one-time groups formed in response to special situations that arise, and whose members all reside in the same community.

Group Considerations

Remember that group members need to work closely with each other for a pre-determined period of time (taking into account the application, processing and sponsorship period).

The group must prove that they have sufficient financial resources and the expertise and commitment to support the sponsored program for 12 months from the date the project starts.

In exceptional circumstances, and with the option of withdrawing the sponsorship, the group may be asked to commit to a sponsorship period of up to 36 months.

Forming Groups

When you begin to form your group you need to consider what the likely costs or responsibilities of the sponsorship will be.

Especially when there are individual financial assessments involved, such as in a Group of Five sponsorship, be upfront about the commitments required when approaching other potential group members.

Consider carefully who you need as part of your group. How much money can you contribute and how much still needs to be contributed by others?

Do you know others in your community that have been involved in previous sponsorships or related work who may be able to help with the processing, provide donations, or assist?

Do you have work colleagues who might get involved? As you consider the requirements of the sponsorship, you will begin to find others who will be able to join you in the partnership of sponsoring.

What Responsibilities Do Sponsors Have?

During the Sponsorship Period the sponsoring group promises to provide:

  • Basic care and financial support
  • Settlement assistance and support
  • Ongoing friendship and emotional support
We Believe that We can Save More Lives with you

We Believe that We can Save More Lives with you

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